Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rushing Day Beads

My sister-in-law has made ​​me panic for a while  
when she want a beads at her 'kurung' to be done 
for her to attend Nurul AF4 wedding.

I only have one day to finished it and there it goes
my speedy hand to make it done.
I though she wanted to use in the next morning 
but apparently during the night and 
I was relieved to be able to complete it as well.

If I had the opportunity with a lot of time to make it
'not in rushed situation' 
certainly it would produce a more compact and larger beads.

But overall, i'm very satisfy, she also very satisfied
and i'm grateful with the 'speed and efficiency' talent that i got.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My First Cabochon

This is the outcome of my first 'Cabochon'. 
The cabochon technique was learned from one of the 
famous beader known as Umi Pepari and I have applied it to my clients 'jubah'.

For this design, i'm using a large crystal beads  
and create it with cabochon techniques.  
Although quite simple, almaklumlah, it was my first time making it, 
but my customers are extremely satisfied and happy with the designs. 

With a combination of colored beads torquise, green, blue  
and enhanced and added with orange  beads 
finally has raised the beauty of the robes.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Colourful Crumble

I am back again.  
Weeks ago, my time is very dense with 
beading thing for my customer wedding 'kurung' 
during this school holiday season.

The outcome from crumble class with umi pepari dsign ago
really inspired me a lot and finally I was managed to 
implement the crumble beads thru my customer clothes this time.

With a theme of the colorful, this is the outcome
By the way this is my first crumble beads 
which i learned from Umi Pepari. 
The previous crumble beads, was my version.