Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baju Kurung

There is still too early to celebrate the 'Hari Raya',  
but I have complete baju kurung for my daughter to celebrate it,  
that will appears despite there is still 6 months away....hahaha...
Early preparation to avoid choas and panic...at least i'm not worried.

By using English cotton given by my aunt,  
has formed into cute and adorable baju kurung.

Baju kurung is our traditional costume...

Not to forget, I added with green yarn knots and pearl beads  
that stitched along the neck for decoration to make it more pretty. 
In my place, it's called 'Simo'.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Crumble Bead's : My Version

I feel so relieved, I finally managed to complete 
Miss Jemah beads.

With a combination of  'white', red, torquise and 
gold pearl bead's  has created the crumble bead's 
of my version.

Maybe it's not beautiful, but i'm glad, it completed already... 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Ice Cream Dress

I have made a dress for Mia for attending an open house celebration this Chinese new year last Saturday, 
but my wish didn't come true because my husband not feeling well on that day.

So this is my dress i have made with a white background with small flowers 'ala-ala' chinese style.

 I also have inserted the extra accessories, red flowers ribbons decorated with white pearl beads.

with elastic thread
Hidden Zipper at the back

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peasant Blouse

Last night, I want to make 'Peasant Blouse' for Mia after seeing so many bloggers are making this dress.  
Why not, I try to make it?

The first attempt failed, because I'm not cutting the fabric according to sizes that has been provided in the tutorial. I thought the size was too big for my daughter which her in a smaller size. 
Consequently, I am not making a dress for mia, but makes for a doll dress. The trial and an error ....
Mia cannot fit into the first dress i made for her.. hahahha... 
LOL.. that was funny..

Failed, but I do not want to surrender.  
I made another one but this time based on the sizes from the tutorial  
and finally I managed to made it.

This is the outcome.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bubble Dress

Chinese New Year has come and i love public holiday.
Dress making time... and i have done the bubble dress.. love it so much and i would love to do some more. 
This time, as usual, i'm using japanese cotton, again.. the fabric design by 'Belleboo'.

This time i'm using a hidden zip as flower attached to the dress. 
Now i know, why i love to this zipper flower so much. It's fun to make it.

And for the photography session, we have chosen Kuching Waterfront as shooting location.