Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Peasant Blouse

Last night, I want to make 'Peasant Blouse' for Mia after seeing so many bloggers are making this dress.  
Why not, I try to make it?

The first attempt failed, because I'm not cutting the fabric according to sizes that has been provided in the tutorial. I thought the size was too big for my daughter which her in a smaller size. 
Consequently, I am not making a dress for mia, but makes for a doll dress. The trial and an error ....
Mia cannot fit into the first dress i made for her.. hahahha... 
LOL.. that was funny..

Failed, but I do not want to surrender.  
I made another one but this time based on the sizes from the tutorial  
and finally I managed to made it.

This is the outcome.


  1. Very cute! Mistakes are the only way we learn! Happy sewing!

  2. the dress is beautiful , so is the girl ;)

  3. yes.. you are right, jennifer... by the mistakes, we going to be perfect then....

    thank's color me pretty...

  4. salam kenalan.. :-)

    i love making the peasant dress.. so easy and looked cute on girls too. happy sewing!

  5. Salam kenalan juga Haida..

    Yup... It's really easy to make this type of dress...