Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Business Card

I got my own business card.. yeah..
design by : my husband
print & cut : by myself

Friday, November 26, 2010

Grab Bags

Opps i did it again. This time, I have managed to make a 'Grab Bag' inspiration from the website 'allpeoplequilt.com' which provides a tutorial to make this bag.

This is an example image 'grab bags' which I tried to do.
Very simple, nice & cute...

This i what i done...Put a ribbon to make it more beautiful and attractive.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Popover Sundress

The next project is "popover sundress" inspired by the blog

The measurement is shown below.

Close up project.

I'm trying to sell this dress with a promotional price of RM 20.00 excluding postage.
Anyone interested can contact me.

"Support Handmade Product"

Monday, November 22, 2010

Gymboree Style Top

It has been a long time I did not update my blog. Now I came back with my latest project.

My latest project is a 'Gymboree Top Style' for my daughter's. It was an idea from the blog (http://fiddlehead.blogspot.com) who have provided a free pattern that can be downloaded by anyone who is interested in trying to make this dress. Thank you to fiddlehead blog .

It's took a long time for me to start this project but it takes only a moment to complete. And I feel very relieved and satisfied to see it was successful even though the fabric that i used is a common type of fabric.

This is an image 'Gymboree Top Style' from fiddlehead blog that I follow.

and this is the result I made although it is not hundred percent same as the picture above
but I am very satisfied.

I also decorate it with ribbon flowers that I have made on the side to make it more
attractive and beautiful.

Hi... I'm modelling a Gymboree Style Top made by my mom..

Mia is so happy with the dress that i made for her.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sewing Accessories & Cotton Fabric

Last Friday during lunch time, I went to 'Indian Street' to buy a some sewing stuffs at FAH Co cos i got so many orders from customers .

Familiar with this..... Fabric Accessories House (Fah Co.) The one and only...

Various of Beads & Sequins

Various of Ribbons.

My main intention is to buy stuff to make a homemade bias tape. I hope that i can find it there. Luckily, it's available and i knew it, that store will sell item like that especially product from Japan. Places that I love.

Bias Tape Machine

This is a stuff that i really wanted to buy. Yeah.... my mission was accomplished.
The price for this item is RM24.90 only. Very small but expensive. Usually, imported stuff from Japan is very expensive but i really don't care about the price as long i own it, so it's easy from me to make home-made bias tape.

Apart from that, I also bought other sewing stuffs such as elastic, fabric felt and the others.

By that time, I also drop into a fabric shop. I was looking for cotton fabric, other design than the place I have ever visited before. Wow, it was unexpected, there a lot of variety of patterns available at this store than a place I went before. It's driving me crazy, how i wish could buy all of this cotton fabric.

Very Nice...

So, i already buy a few for myself and intend to do the dress that i craving to made it.
All my friends and followers, i will upload a my project soons.
More and more to come.....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Minangkabau House from Chocolate

I have been asked by customer weather i can make the Minangkabau house with Cadbury Chocolate. In order to earn more, I agree to receive orders from her.
This is a gift from the bride's side to the groom's side.

I wonder, in this modern world is definitely everybody wants a simple wedding gift arrangement but looks expensive, but most likely she wants the difference by asking
to arrange Chocolate form into Minangkabau house.

At first, I have no idea how to do it. So I surf the internet to find examples of Minangkabau houses. There are many image of Minangkabau houses but there no sample of the gift arrangement appeared accept for this blog (http://gubahan.wordpress.com/) that inspired me a lot.

This is the one and only blog that i manage to get the sample. Thanks to http://gubahan.wordpress.com/ (Maaesyah Gift Services) for the image upload. At lease this will give me idea to create one.

Example of Image of Rumah Minangkabau from http://gubahan.wordpress.com/ that i followed.

I managed to make a wall using cardboard but the hardest part is the roof. For Minangkabau Roof there a curve at the middle. To create a platform I use polyform and wrap all the walls, roof and platforms using the shiny wrapping paper.

When the module of the house ready, then I stick the Cadbury chocolate one by one and put a little bit of flower and ribbon and successfully I managed to complete the Minangkabau house of chocolate..... Yeah..... i charged RM50 (including Cadbury Chocolate, flower, ribbon, Poly form & Wrapping Paper) to do this type of arrangement.

Done already .. Now keep in the refrigerator so it wouldn't melt.

The Existing and The Dream One...

My Existing Sewing Corner

My Dream Sewing Room. One day it would be like this.

My Existing Equipment.

and One day, I hope to have this kind of embroidery machine.

Collection of sewing books. Teaching methods and techniques of sewing.
Very useful and can be used as a reference.

Collection of my sewing patterns have been downloaded from the blog and website.
Printed and stored in an envelope and labeled for easy use.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2nd Attemp

Hasil daripada kegagalan pertama saya membuat baju yang diingini,
saya decide nak buat lagi mengikut webssite www.prudentbaby.com.
Kali ini saya meneliti betul-betul tutorialnya. So this is 2nd attemp yang telah saya cuba.

Gambar 1 - Contoh Gambar dari website prudent baby yang ingin saya coba

Kain cotton telah disediakan. Gamabar diatas menunjukkan baju yang telah dipotong mengikut pattern yang telah di download. Yang ini saya mengikut saiz pattern yang telah didownload. Kalau mahu baju lebih besar lagi, hendaklah dibasi mengikut saiz yang dimahu.

Alhamdullilah. Hasil percubaan kedua telah menjadi.
Agak puas hati tapi kalau mahu dress ini lebih cantik lagi bolehlah di lekatkan
butang diatasnya seperti Gambar 1.

Yeay!!!.... 'Kacak sik!!' Sesuai dikenakan bersama legging...