Friday, November 5, 2010

Sewing Accessories & Cotton Fabric

Last Friday during lunch time, I went to 'Indian Street' to buy a some sewing stuffs at FAH Co cos i got so many orders from customers .

Familiar with this..... Fabric Accessories House (Fah Co.) The one and only...

Various of Beads & Sequins

Various of Ribbons.

My main intention is to buy stuff to make a homemade bias tape. I hope that i can find it there. Luckily, it's available and i knew it, that store will sell item like that especially product from Japan. Places that I love.

Bias Tape Machine

This is a stuff that i really wanted to buy. Yeah.... my mission was accomplished.
The price for this item is RM24.90 only. Very small but expensive. Usually, imported stuff from Japan is very expensive but i really don't care about the price as long i own it, so it's easy from me to make home-made bias tape.

Apart from that, I also bought other sewing stuffs such as elastic, fabric felt and the others.

By that time, I also drop into a fabric shop. I was looking for cotton fabric, other design than the place I have ever visited before. Wow, it was unexpected, there a lot of variety of patterns available at this store than a place I went before. It's driving me crazy, how i wish could buy all of this cotton fabric.

Very Nice...

So, i already buy a few for myself and intend to do the dress that i craving to made it.
All my friends and followers, i will upload a my project soons.
More and more to come.....


  1. Aduh enaknya kalo di jakarta juga ada tempat seperti FAH Co. itu, ada sih tapi ga khusus perlatan menjahit, mau mencari bias tape maker pun susah :)
    Kalo sempat tengok giveaway saya ya :
    sampai tgl 22 nov ini saja

  2. I guess this is at Kuching right.. alahaii arituh pergi kat Lee Fah jer.. but SIL ada bgtau pasal Fah &Co ni. BAlik bulan MAc ni nak g sini lerrr

  3. Yes.. kat Kuching...Kalau nak pegi kat Sarawak, inform ye.. boleh kita jumpa.. atau nanti bagi ikan terubok for souvenir... nak tak?