Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Halter Dress

Halter dress that I made long time ago​​ (refer to my previous post),  
especially made for rifa ..  
I'm glad that a dress I made, now fits to her already ..  
So cute...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Retro 60s Dress

My whole family have been invited the  
Wedding Anniversary Dinner of My Uncle for his 39 years of 
marriage that required the dinner to set up with a '60s theme.
We have been receiving the invitation a month 
earlier to set up and prepare ourselves with 60s retro garments.

With that, I have been making 60s-style dresses for My Daughter, Mia 
and My Bonny Niece, Rifa using Polka Dot Fabric which suit with 60s theme.

Beside Large Button, i also made a large belt.
Elastic Neck
I made ​​this dress based on  
No Big Dill Site of their entry dated 16th March 2011 
which provided Chocolate Outfit Tutorial.
But i modify it a bit, especially in the neck area 
and adorned with large buttons to coincide with the theme.

All kinds acting and sixties outfit  by the the members of  
all families can be seen during the that night. 
We all really enjoy and have fun and I have been devoted a photo of 
Mia and Rifa  wearing sixties dress that i made, for 
memories although we didn't win a kids best dress.... huhuhuuh... so sad

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ribbon & Organza Flower

Bunch of Organza Flower that i made
I was very attracted by several Blog Site which provides
tutorial on how to create flowers from ribbon and organza fabrics. 
From just the first look,  
we would certainly think that it is difficult to make it, 
but it's driven me curiosity to try it.

As an outcome, I have been able to make it, yahoo .....  
Creating this flower really needs a lot of patience.  

Organza Ribbon Flower
Ribbon Flower
Even though my flowers is not as beautiful as expected, 
it still as beautiful accessories and a good friend to my shawl.

In serious mode..

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Kurung for Kids inc beads

Polka dot is back. 
Remind me of '60s era, which it's become favorites and frenzy at that period.
 Polka dot 'Kurung' (cotton type),
adorned with simple beads  
(I use lot of colored pearl beads to make it matching to polkadot)
  is made for my husband colleague for his daughter.

Very simple, but I like to the outcome.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wild Fern Release: Latest Beads Making

Sorry ye ... Due to technical issues,  
there was a problem  to upload my short video of my beading project ...
It's take 3 days for me to edit this and 2 days to upload it thru blog.
(as promise to release it on 1st of April, by i didn't)..    
as i was very busy with office work and sewing things.

Wala... this is what i did...
This time I would like to make a difference  
besides simply shows images outcomes of my project beads.
A small film, a short video and still amateur...length 1.15 minute only... 

i hope you all like the outcome ..  
Enjoy ..
My Short Video