Monday, January 31, 2011

Snap Wrap Dress

This week I have made 'Snap Wrap Dress' for my princess,  Mia,  using tutorial and pattern that I get from the website 'Prudent Baby'... Thank's Prudent Baby for it... 
After a long time, because i was busy with other things,  I take my short time to choose a sevenberry fabric to turn it into below dress. 
Snap Wrap Dress in Green Color
Add some handmade ribbon & button attached
Front Close Up
At the end of last week, our family decided to go out for lunch 
and i dress it to mia.

Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Kaftan Robe cum Crumble Bead's

Last week, my friend asked me to make a kaftan robe for her special occasion 
and have accepted the job.

She had bought the '
Georgette' fabric in turquoise colour 
with matching pink lining.

This is my first kaftan robe.

My First Kaftan Robe

 Apart from that, she has requested me to make her bead's. 
This is my first attempts making crumble beads which is popular right now
But not at my area. 
 I never learned any of this, on how to make this type of beads. 
Honestly, I'm very jealous to bead's lovers who make a crumble beads 
which are so perfect and beautiful
 because I was not able and cannot afford to attend the beading class.

With my skill, focusing with my talented eyes to the images of beader's blogger, 
I have managed to make it. But.. in my own way...

Although it is not as pretty as I expected, compare to the Professional Beader's,
 but I am very satisfied with the results.

 I name it as 'Eiza Crumble'.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snappy Toddler Dress for Nia

I have already completed "Snappy Toddler Dress' to Puan Ull 
special ordered for her daughter Nia.

Puan Ull has trust in me to choose the color of the fabric which I bought the 
Japanese cotton fabric for her.

I choose the 'dark blue' background color, followed by small white flowers.

 I also have match the bias tape and a white button so it's will looks nicer.

Flowers with a ribbon and pearl bead's in the middle are handmade by me.

I hope Ms. Ull satisfied with the dress I made for her 
and can't wait for her to send me a photo of Nia wearing the dress.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Organise... and get organised...

If you still remember, my previous post, i ever upload my pictures of sewing corner.. hmmm... really messy.
So yesterday, i was thinking to buy a small drawer to put my sewing accessories in organised way. After get back from work, take a pit stop at E-Mart, i finally manage to bought a small drawer that can accommodate a variety of my sewing treasure's. With the price of RM 49.90, i was tempted and bring it back with big smile of my face. 

Well ... taraa... 'O.R.G.A.N.I.S.E.D'

Also this one.
Better put some label.

book's, pattern's, zip's and ribbon's
But I still have problems.... How to organize and store my fabric collection. 
Hmm can see for yourself, how untidy my fabric collection ..

Will it look like this?

Photo courtesy from
 or like this...
Photo courtesy from

I'll think about it later, and settle this problem.

hmmm ... modifications has not yet ended, and it still running until it satisfies me and anyone could give me some tip's...please share share...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips to buy fabric

I would like to share with you tips on buying fabric. Of courselah, this one is based on my experience,  which i buy fabric that is not appropriate to me. Hot, itchy and many more types of that really annoying me. So guys, pay attention to the following when purchasing fabric. Hahha ... that I follow today.

1) You know what, touching the fabric is really important. First let your eyes focus on the fabric and then touch them. Even though the fabric looks good, but if it is uncomfortable with your skin, RED ALERT!! so my advice do not buy.

2) BEWARE... Be careful with it characteristic. Are you more attracted to the fabric whether it soft and supple, or sophisticated? Seasons and weather conditions especially at my area, may affect the selection of fabrics....ahhahaha..... If the fabric is too thick, it made us sweat... so ugly...
3) Use a small heart whisperings you to determine the suitability of fabrics for clothes: asked the fabric (gently!) "what you want to be?" wakakaka.... talk to the fabric, people will think we are crazy... .... the answer is tadaa.....  a mix of information you receive and your own creativity.
4) Buy extra fabric to coupled it when to make a a suit of clothes. Usually when bought the fabric for a dress, it will dusty if it left too long cos we are waiting a suitable fabric to mix and match the for dress.
5) Pull the the fabric from the reel as long as possible.... and u know what the salesperson will glance towards you... you won't do that... You'll find the look of the fabric different, compared to when you see only a piece of the the fabric. If possible, bring the fabric to the length mirror and wrap yourself with it... you got twice glance from the towkay of the shop.. haiya, what wrong with this customer... 
If the lights change color in the store, buy only slightly (quarter meter) and analyzed at home (wah.. a bit of CSI lah)....
note: buy quarter meter only after wrap yourself with the fabric... sure, the towkay will complain.. don't do this at store... there's no fitting room...

6) When you are going to match the the fabric brought from home, bring the whole the fabric the store, not the only piece.

7) Resistant yourself out buying the fabric just because it is lovely... but i usually cannot resist myself...really badly ... What looks interesting in the rolls are not always look beautiful when used as dress. If you must have it, treat it as an revenue. If you bought 4 meters of the fabric, you will probably have enough the fabric if you decide for the make dress. 

8) Consider your budget ability... this a main factor..... $$$$$....If you like the the fabric which expensive, buy a few only, it can be used as ornaments trim in for your clothes....wa, so little lah...

and lastly....

9) To enhance the knowledge about the the fabric, visit the fabric store with the aim only for the look around.. formerly known as 'window shopping' (i hate window shopping.. can look but cannot buy) but not to buy it.... but who cares if it's beautiful i will buy and kept as my treasure... 

that's for now... but it's depend to you whether to buy it or not...think..think...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thank's Prudent Baby

Thanks to the Prudent because one of my entries on December 27, 2010 which i was making 'one shoulder dressy dress' for Mia were published in their website for the Prudent Project Round Up in their entry on 
15 January 2011 .
Mine is picture in the middle from left, row no. 1.