Monday, January 31, 2011

Snap Wrap Dress

This week I have made 'Snap Wrap Dress' for my princess,  Mia,  using tutorial and pattern that I get from the website 'Prudent Baby'... Thank's Prudent Baby for it... 
After a long time, because i was busy with other things,  I take my short time to choose a sevenberry fabric to turn it into below dress. 
Snap Wrap Dress in Green Color
Add some handmade ribbon & button attached
Front Close Up
At the end of last week, our family decided to go out for lunch 
and i dress it to mia.


  1. Adorable! I was thinking about making that one myself. Was it easy?

  2. Have you been over to

    She has several free dress tutorials I'm thinking about trying.

  3. As first, I thought it's difficult to do it but if we really read the tutorial with pattern they provided, yeah sure i will do some more, it's easy... and i will check out the blog you suggest. Thank's...