Friday, January 28, 2011

My First Kaftan Robe cum Crumble Bead's

Last week, my friend asked me to make a kaftan robe for her special occasion 
and have accepted the job.

She had bought the '
Georgette' fabric in turquoise colour 
with matching pink lining.

This is my first kaftan robe.

My First Kaftan Robe

 Apart from that, she has requested me to make her bead's. 
This is my first attempts making crumble beads which is popular right now
But not at my area. 
 I never learned any of this, on how to make this type of beads. 
Honestly, I'm very jealous to bead's lovers who make a crumble beads 
which are so perfect and beautiful
 because I was not able and cannot afford to attend the beading class.

With my skill, focusing with my talented eyes to the images of beader's blogger, 
I have managed to make it. But.. in my own way...

Although it is not as pretty as I expected, compare to the Professional Beader's,
 but I am very satisfied with the results.

 I name it as 'Eiza Crumble'.


  1. mas... cantik sangat..great combination....!!

  2. simple n nice crumble... :)
    i also new in this beading things..
    always confuse to find the combunation of bead color which is match and look nice with kurung..hmm

  3. apalak kata tak mcm pro...dh nampak sgt mcm proo...gud work...akak sendiri pun x tahu mcmana nk wat....kita serupa bila tgk ur creativiti make me felt jealous tooo....hahahaha