Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snappy Toddler Dress for Nia

I have already completed "Snappy Toddler Dress' to Puan Ull 
special ordered for her daughter Nia.

Puan Ull has trust in me to choose the color of the fabric which I bought the 
Japanese cotton fabric for her.

I choose the 'dark blue' background color, followed by small white flowers.

 I also have match the bias tape and a white button so it's will looks nicer.

Flowers with a ribbon and pearl bead's in the middle are handmade by me.

I hope Ms. Ull satisfied with the dress I made for her 
and can't wait for her to send me a photo of Nia wearing the dress.


  1. hi hi,
    so happy to have found ur blog!
    love this fabric to bits....
    i'm from Kch too!

    btw, may i know where did u buy this fabric?
    i'm crazy for most things navy blue!

    many thanks, dear!

  2. Hi, joey... i email to you already.. thank's.