Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Coming Soon 1st April 2011

Watch for the appearance of my new beading project called 
'Wild Fern in Purple and Grey' 
which will be appear on the blog and FB page screen  
this 1st April 2011. 
Adorned with the well known actors and actress
 Mr. White Pearl Beads, Mr Grey Beads, Miss Purple Pearl Beads
 and special appearance of Pretty Twins
of Miss White Sequins and Miss Purple Sequins.

Love you all to be my follower, for the latest update.... 

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Previous Beads Project

All image here, which i entry today, is the outcome of  
my previous bead's project of my customers and offcourse myself.

Without the knowledge of technic and tutorial of  beading, 
experience the trial and error,  apparently,  soon after finish the customer bead's, 
take the photo, and compiled it,
  wow.... it's suprised me.. this is what i done all this time.

From zero level, until now, 
but not a 'Professional' level yet.. maybe soon... 
and i will...... there a lots i have learn, one by one and bit by bit...

Thursday, March 24, 2011

'Dreaming of Sunshine' Pattern Dress by Shwin & Shwin

Thanks to Shwin&Shwin which has provided 'Dreaming of Sunshine' pattern that I downloaded.

The dress which made ​​by them only using plain fabric and 
the outcome has transformed into beautiful and sweet dress with final touch with beads. 
Very talented and creative with idea... Wish i was them....

Compare to mine, i using a patterned fabric and without lining.

If anyone wants to try,  u can  check out their blog
they provide a free tutorial and pattern to be download.

Monday, March 21, 2011

'Mas Kahwin' Gift

I was given  two days only to design a wedding dowry gift formerly known as 'hantaran mas kahwin' for the 'akad nikah' of my childhood neighbour.

With the short time given (on wednesday) cause the 'akad nikah' event took place on friday, i try my best to make the wedding dowry with the existing accessories i have.

With the pink, white and silver theme, only using basket, organza fabric, ribbons, beads, and added a small teddy bear and a purple flowers, finally i managed to transformed it into cute gift.

Take notes ya..., this is just a simple wedding dowry i have made.

If you wish make a 'Grant and Elegant' engagement gift, it would take one month for me to design from the date of the engagement took place.

By the way..... CONGRATULATION!!! 
to my neighbour on his wedding... 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pink Dress

Pink Pink Pink ...
Pink is a softer, less violent red.
Pink is the sweet side of red. 
It's cotton candy and bubble gum and babies, 
especially little girls.

  Forget with a invention of  beads for a while .. 
and get ready, toot..toot...  
we shifted to the toddler wears session.

Ago, I really hates pink's,  
however with a presence of little mia,  
I love to enrich her ​​with a pink wears.  
Hmm ... highly in line with her skin color.

Well, this is the outcome ...
Front Close Up
It would be lovely if it paired with a ribbon or you can put with a large buttons.
Back Close Up
From the back, you can use a ribbon to tied it up but i prefer using buttons.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black & White Bead's Version

A black and white, such as Michael Jackson song titles.
That was a version of my beads this time around.  
It is not, as required by my customers, but since she wants me to immediately  
prepared for her to attend the wedding ceremony,  i was forced to complete it with my own version. 

At first she wants me to make a ribbon flower for her to be replaced with beads
but my since it's very limited time to complete it, 
i have to made it accordance with my existing bead's accessories that i got.

I really love the combination, grey suit combine with black and white pearl bead's.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Simple 4 Layer Beads

I am very glad to update  my blog after a long silence.  
Due to busy complete orders from customers,  
finally i'm able to devoted myself 
in the blog for a while.

This time I create a just simple beads. Requests from the customers.  
4 layers of custom beads followed by pearl beads and rice beads.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Modern Fashion 'Kurung' for Litte Girl

 It has been a long time I did not updating my blog due to busy  
treating my two children with a fever.

However in that, while they sleep,  
I have manage to complete a modern fashion 'kurung' for mia 
for early preparation for celebration of  Hari Raya.

As usual, the theme colour is blue, type of fabric, 
English Cotton...nah .. ready to wear....

One suit of Modern Fashion 'Kurung'
Elastic Thread