Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Black & White Bead's Version

A black and white, such as Michael Jackson song titles.
That was a version of my beads this time around.  
It is not, as required by my customers, but since she wants me to immediately  
prepared for her to attend the wedding ceremony,  i was forced to complete it with my own version. 

At first she wants me to make a ribbon flower for her to be replaced with beads
but my since it's very limited time to complete it, 
i have to made it accordance with my existing bead's accessories that i got.

I really love the combination, grey suit combine with black and white pearl bead's.


  1. I love this.. this is adorable.. u're really talented.. =)

  2. kacak Mas.. aku tok lalu sik berantar baju ngan ko.. ya juak mak mertua aku..bertukar lagik kain koh.. nasib juak aku sik ngantar ngan ko. Nunggu kain baru datang.. pakey nikah adik ipar aku.. hehehe

  3. ok jar... dari riya kau madah nak ngantar tapi sik juak.. hahahha... dah masok tahun baru dah... cepat kit ko nak antar, sik lamak gik nak raya...hahaha...