Monday, March 21, 2011

'Mas Kahwin' Gift

I was given  two days only to design a wedding dowry gift formerly known as 'hantaran mas kahwin' for the 'akad nikah' of my childhood neighbour.

With the short time given (on wednesday) cause the 'akad nikah' event took place on friday, i try my best to make the wedding dowry with the existing accessories i have.

With the pink, white and silver theme, only using basket, organza fabric, ribbons, beads, and added a small teddy bear and a purple flowers, finally i managed to transformed it into cute gift.

Take notes ya..., this is just a simple wedding dowry i have made.

If you wish make a 'Grant and Elegant' engagement gift, it would take one month for me to design from the date of the engagement took place.

By the way..... CONGRATULATION!!! 
to my neighbour on his wedding... 

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