Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Retro 60s Dress

My whole family have been invited the  
Wedding Anniversary Dinner of My Uncle for his 39 years of 
marriage that required the dinner to set up with a '60s theme.
We have been receiving the invitation a month 
earlier to set up and prepare ourselves with 60s retro garments.

With that, I have been making 60s-style dresses for My Daughter, Mia 
and My Bonny Niece, Rifa using Polka Dot Fabric which suit with 60s theme.

Beside Large Button, i also made a large belt.
Elastic Neck
I made ​​this dress based on  
No Big Dill Site of their entry dated 16th March 2011 
which provided Chocolate Outfit Tutorial.
But i modify it a bit, especially in the neck area 
and adorned with large buttons to coincide with the theme.

All kinds acting and sixties outfit  by the the members of  
all families can be seen during the that night. 
We all really enjoy and have fun and I have been devoted a photo of 
Mia and Rifa  wearing sixties dress that i made, for 
memories although we didn't win a kids best dress.... huhuhuuh... so sad


  1. thanks, jen... you should try..

  2. OMG the dresses are gorgeous and your daughter and niece are really lovely! Have fun to the party ;)
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper