Thursday, November 4, 2010

Minangkabau House from Chocolate

I have been asked by customer weather i can make the Minangkabau house with Cadbury Chocolate. In order to earn more, I agree to receive orders from her.
This is a gift from the bride's side to the groom's side.

I wonder, in this modern world is definitely everybody wants a simple wedding gift arrangement but looks expensive, but most likely she wants the difference by asking
to arrange Chocolate form into Minangkabau house.

At first, I have no idea how to do it. So I surf the internet to find examples of Minangkabau houses. There are many image of Minangkabau houses but there no sample of the gift arrangement appeared accept for this blog ( that inspired me a lot.

This is the one and only blog that i manage to get the sample. Thanks to (Maaesyah Gift Services) for the image upload. At lease this will give me idea to create one.

Example of Image of Rumah Minangkabau from that i followed.

I managed to make a wall using cardboard but the hardest part is the roof. For Minangkabau Roof there a curve at the middle. To create a platform I use polyform and wrap all the walls, roof and platforms using the shiny wrapping paper.

When the module of the house ready, then I stick the Cadbury chocolate one by one and put a little bit of flower and ribbon and successfully I managed to complete the Minangkabau house of chocolate..... Yeah..... i charged RM50 (including Cadbury Chocolate, flower, ribbon, Poly form & Wrapping Paper) to do this type of arrangement.

Done already .. Now keep in the refrigerator so it wouldn't melt.

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