Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baju Kurung

There is still too early to celebrate the 'Hari Raya',  
but I have complete baju kurung for my daughter to celebrate it,  
that will appears despite there is still 6 months away....hahaha...
Early preparation to avoid choas and panic...at least i'm not worried.

By using English cotton given by my aunt,  
has formed into cute and adorable baju kurung.

Baju kurung is our traditional costume...

Not to forget, I added with green yarn knots and pearl beads  
that stitched along the neck for decoration to make it more pretty. 
In my place, it's called 'Simo'.


  1. Wow..comel la..tak pe tu siap awal lagi bagus tak pening kepala..

  2. Ye..Sediakan payung sebelum ujan... hah.. nanti time puasa, atlease baju anak dah settle semua...